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Schiophrenia and Twins

Process Work

What is Schizophrenia & Paranoid Schizophrenia
Differences and Similarities Between Twins
Schizophrenia and Twins
Case Studies and Alternative Research
Process Work

Process Work from the group...



Naturally, to obtain information regarding case studies and experimental research, the first place our group thought to look was in the always reliable, scientific journals.  The libraries at McMaster University provide students with access to such journals electronically through a program called ‘LibAccess.’  This program gained us admittance into a database known as ‘PubMed’ which is a service supplied by the distinguished National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health.  Searching with the keywords “paranoid schizophrenia + identical twins” brought up some valuable pieces that summarized case studies regarding our topic.  We discovered how to better refine our searches by specifying the type of publication for the journals.  Using “Twin Study[Publication Type] + schizophrenia” as well as “Case Reports[Publication Type] + schizophrenia + twin” provided us with a more specialized set of journal articles.

LibAccess also gives students admission to ‘e-Resources,’ a comprehensive site of educational resources on the Internet for many areas of study.  There were countless links to databanks, books, journals, government publications and informative web sites all connected with psychology.  The sources we found to be most helpful were two other databases known as ‘PsychCrawler’ and ‘PsychCentral.’  We used the same successful keywords in these databases as we did with the ‘PubMed’ searches.

The question I was responsible for was ‘what is schizophrenia and paranoid schizophrenia’. I started my research off by googling schizophrenia and getting some websites. I also checked the psychology website for any links regarding schizophrenia and lucky I found three that Dr. Day recommended. I also used the Intro Psychology 1AA3 workbook for some supplementary information. The workbook was also useful to check the credibility of the information I was finding on the Internet. I was also in charge of putting our website together. Once I found tripod and started making the site it came together without too many problems. Overall my part of the project wasn’t too hard but it was a lot of work, researching and putting the website together. Next time, it would be nice to have a little less research if I am going to be the one making the final project.
            Our group worked very well together. Within our first two meetings we had already given out roles and who would be looking after what in the project. We met a few times and made sure that everyone was getting information and if they needed help at all. Everyone had their work in on time and that made it even easier to get the project done earlier.


The first approach that I took when researching my area of the topic was to find the biological difference between twins. As I continued to look for information on that topic, I did not find any significant facts or even moderate information. With that, I took a second approach to my area of research. This approach included researching genetic factors involved in paranoia schizophrenia in twins. I found most of my information on the three websites listed in my references, and as I proceeded to look for more information on following website, I found that a lot, if not all, of the information overlapped. Over the courses of the previous weeks, after our group decided on the areas in which each group member had to cover, I began to research my topic. It took me a while to find a relevant site on paranoid schizophrenia in twins, since most sites just include the symptoms and treatments. As I continued to research my topic, I found that not only are there genetic factors that contribute to the development of the disease in twins, but that there were also environmental factors as well. With that, I proceeded to find information pertaining to that area of the topic. After I had found all the information that seemed appropriate and relevant to the topic, I put together a summary of the information to be included in our final report.


My question that I had to research about was a general question that was related to our topic. It was to inform our audience the differences and similarities with biological twins. I think that in order to fully understand our topic we have to research as much of what we know about our trigger. Since twins were the subjects of our topic, I decided that we should know more about twins and their genetics. If we know more about twins we might know if Jayden will receive schizophrenia just like his brother.In order to answer my question, I looked in Pub Med in the library computer because in past projects Pub Med gave me a lot of information on my topic. But, with this question, nothing came up. So I decided to look for books in the libraries and found many books regarding my question. Although the girls in my group found information on the web. I found most of my information on books.The information we use to answer our questions was carefully picked from credible sources so we felt that we were using the best knowledge we could possibly attain at this time. Having everyone research his or her own question proved to be a good tool because each person was able to answer their question in their own style giving the report a more diverse style. Once we were finished our information was well intertwined and we believe that we approached this paper with the right frame of mind. And we were successful in producing a well-written and well-creative paper.